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Salt Shaker (Clean)

on 25-10-2013 by The Hit Co. - Topic  

ying yang twins whistle while you twerk

on 17-10-2012 by AmbitiousDreaXO  

shake ying yang twins feat pitbull

on 05-04-2012 by orchardmktg  

Bed room boom

on 09-09-2007 by Towrclown  

ying yang twins say i yi yi

on 01-03-2012 by tira2bhumm  

ying yang twins stand up get crunk

on 17-02-2010 by rulerdude  

ying yang twins boom its on

on 23-11-2009 by browneyes27530  

Shake pitbull ft. Ying yang twins

on 22-04-2012 by badmamajama1000  

Stand Up and Get Crunk (Saints remix)

on 24-01-2010 by floridagirly14  

ying yang twins naggin

on 06-04-2014 by David Kolesnikoff  

Ying yang twins (9 month old rocking off)

on 26-08-2014 by Shanteria Brown  

Halftime - Marching Arrangement

on 09-05-2013 by dcgmusic1  

ying yang twins e 40 loverance up remix

on 13-07-2012 by yingyangtwins