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Vertical Horizon - Everything You Want

on 25-10-2009 by VerticalHorizonVEVO  

Vertical Horizon - You're A God

on 25-10-2009 by VerticalHorizonVEVO  

vertical horizon the best i ever hadcover

on 01-01-2014 by Fatin Majidi  

I'm Still Here - Vertical Horizon

on 24-07-2008 by merrymyu97  

vertical horizon best i ever had

on 02-10-2013 by frank.bastard  

vertical horizon echo one tree hill version

on 04-07-2014 by single taste-Double H M  

Everything You Want

on 23-09-2015 by Vertical Horizon - Topic  

vertical horizon im still here

on 24-12-2013 by yasirjabry  

youre god vertical horizon

on 06-10-2012 by macuculit¬©  

Vertical Horizon - Finding Me

on 31-10-2008 by Astaeria  

the lucky one

on 01-06-2011 by VerticalHorizon  

Vertical Horizon - Heart in Hand

on 03-05-2012 by .: Lanzern* :.  

vertical horizon lucky one

on 30-04-2013 by Ratna Dwi A  

vertical horizon

on 12-05-2017 by morgan hicks  

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on 22-04-2016 by Chris Rich (Bom Shanka Music)