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Nino Fernandez dan Velove Vexia Cinlok

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kekuatan cinta velove feat sansan pee wee gaskins

on 26-04-2014 by Velove feat Sansan (PWG)  

Roxette - It Must Have Been Love

on 04-03-2009 by Roxette  

aunty feat velove hahah

on 01-11-2013 by nadyajanet  

ini velove

on 28-04-2013 by slvnsmhstzz  

you make me smile intan dj

on 22-04-2013 by Intan Love  

Velove Loved

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shy coyote

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Avicii - You Be Love “Audio” ft. Billy Raffoul

on 10-08-2017 by AviciiOfficialVEVO  

maulanapenantian cinta

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mrs allice

on 15-12-2011 by velovebleedingtears  

voices at dua hati

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L-0-V-E, Love Official Music Video 2009

on 10-08-2008 by DeVonte' Murray  

voices at maafkanlah

on 10-03-2015 by Velove Santosa  


on 10-03-2015 by Velove Santosa