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She & Him - Stay Awhile

on 20-11-2014 by SheandHimVEVO  

the race

on 19-08-2017 by TAY K  

She & Him - In The Sun (2010)

on 11-03-2010 by Domino Recording Co.  

i love my choppa

on 23-08-2017 by TAY K  

She & Him - You Really Got A Hold On Me

on 01-04-2008 by toodrunktodream  

she loves him

on 30-05-2013 by TinkG  

She & Him - Why Do You Let Me Stay Here? (2008)

on 08-08-2008 by Domino Recording Co.  

she him i couldve been your girl

on 10-04-2013 by MergeRecords  

She & Him - Don't Look Back

on 21-01-2011 by Merge Records on Youtube  


on 23-08-2017 by TAY K  

She & Him - Thieves (Official Video) (2010)

on 13-07-2010 by Domino Recording Co.  


on 23-08-2017 by TAY K  

she & him Fools Rush In

on 02-06-2010 by sophia7gr  

she him the christmas waltz

on 10-10-2011 by MergeRecords  

She & Him - I Could've Been Your Girl

on 22-05-2013 by SheandHimVEVO  

murder she wrote

on 19-08-2017 by TAY K  

She & Him- Black Hole

on 18-04-2010 by SheandHimFan1  

she him never wanted your love

on 23-02-2013 by MergeRecords  

Change Is Hard

on 09-06-2008 by AcultKings  

She & Him "I Could Have Been Your Girl" Live

on 23-03-2014 by EcoworldReactor  

I Was Made For You

on 11-06-2008 by AcultKings  


on 07-10-2016 by EcoworldReactor