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Shayne Ward - Stand by Me

on 26-10-2009 by ShayneWardVEVO  

beautiful in white shayne ward

on 17-06-2011 by điên!  

Shayne Ward - Until You (Audio)

on 16-12-2015 by ShayneWardVEVO  

shayne ward no promises

on 16-08-2015 by Bader Al-mansour  

Shayne Ward - That's My Goal

on 22-01-2014 by ShayneWardVEVO  

breathless shayne ward

on 20-10-2015 by Tryintoimpressyou  

Shayne Ward - Someone to Love

on 04-02-2008 by melissavanalteren  

beautiful in white shayne ward

on 20-02-2013 by deaanindia  

Shayne Ward - My Heart Would Take You Back

on 27-03-2015 by ShayneWardVEVO  

until you by shayne ward

on 14-06-2012 by The-Music-Is-My-Life  

Shayne Ward - Damaged (with lyrics)

on 26-02-2008 by shexi20shell  

Shayne Ward - The Way You Were

on 02-06-2015 by ShayneWardVEVO  

shayne ward breathless muwii cover

on 17-03-2013 by Muwii M.  

Shayne Ward - A Day in the life..

on 29-10-2010 by shaynewardtv  

save me shayne ward

on 14-04-2013 by King Rô  

[Vietsub+Kara] Breathless - Shayne Ward

on 13-03-2013 by MrViruslove90  

shayne ward close to close

on 24-03-2013 by Muhammed.Nabil  

Shayne Ward - If That's OK With You

on 05-12-2009 by Super Eda  

breathless shayne ward

on 07-01-2016 by AurangxaIb AlamgIr  

youtube shayne ward no promises

on 24-12-2015 by Amr Alaa 2  

beautiful in white shane filan

on 25-02-2014 by Tien Ddt  

Beautiful In White - Shayne Ward

on 13-09-2011 by sons2thuy110  

gotta be somebody by shayne ward

on 14-10-2010 by EQ Music Blog  

Shayne Ward - Melt the snow

on 06-01-2008 by airsae37  

shayne ward everyday in between

on 27-04-2010 by kristinayang  

breathless by shayne ward with lyrics

on 09-04-2008 by tareqag95  

04 shayne ward damaged

on 28-10-2012 by Mohamed Ghonem