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Roy Ayers - River Niger

on 29-05-2009 by NEILTHFC  

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Roy Ayers - Intro The River Niger

on 24-07-2014 by VinylRip Disco-Funk  

everybody loves the sunshine by roy ayers

on 01-01-2017 by River Ruined  

classic rockin like ayers

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River niger

on 11-09-2010 by nanahara123  

not quite disco in nigera part 2

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River Niger

on 11-09-2015 by Various Artists - Topic  

nerang radio 3 niles cooper

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Roy Ayers - E Funk

on 23-12-2007 by Edrice91  

bpm 100 00

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WAR River Niger

on 28-08-2013 by pepe lepew  

001 simona faraone

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Roy Ayers

on 21-04-2007 by Tom MonkeyJam  

ROY AYERS -Mystery of love-

on 10-03-2008 by Isabella Rossi  

lions milk 94 with o bee tomas station

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Roy Ayers - Land Of Fruit And Honey

on 14-10-2010 by OldSchoolChibani  

touch xl presents mr moustache

on 03-11-2014 by The French Shuffle  

Roy Ayers - E Funk

on 29-09-2013 by Brother John  

eclectic samples mix part iii 31032017

on 05-04-2017 by Selectabwoy  


on 28-06-2008 by SoulConnection  

Roy Ayers - want you

on 16-05-2011 by ezrabeats1  

Roy Ayers Brand New Feeling

on 08-01-2011 by 144000Skillz