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js poison ft lee mazin

on 24-11-2014 by JsVocals  

Junious Sampson Undecisive

on 07-10-2014 by Marx Schneiter  

10k ft junious sampson prod glory muzic 2014

on 13-08-2015 by Songwriter Allan Poe  

Junious Sampson - Undecisive

on 01-10-2014 by RnBspecial  

I Can't Breathe

on 28-02-2015 by Junious Sampson - Topic  

Joshua Triplett - Commitment (Official Audio)

on 22-12-2016 by Joshua Triplett  

The Artizonals - I Want You (Audio) ft. JS

on 24-06-2015 by TheArtizonalsVEVO  

js i cant breathe

on 08-06-2015 by JsVocals  

"Focus" - H.E.R. [THAMA COVER]

on 02-12-2017 by FΞΔR  

i cant breathe

on 09-12-2016 by Junious Sampson  

Focus // H.E.R (cover)

on 24-12-2017 by Nicky Luna Music  

i want you the artizonals feat js

on 08-06-2015 by JsVocals  

H.E.R. - Focus

on 06-12-2017 by Alaina Castillo  

Undecisive God - Secrets

on 28-09-2015 by MikeyRemembers  

recognize lee mazin x js

on 02-11-2014 by JsVocals  

FOCUS H.E.R. (Nikki Cover)

on 10-10-2017 by Nikki  

usher no limit js cover

on 27-08-2016 by JsVocals  

H.E.R - Focus (ROXANA Cover)

on 07-12-2017 by ROXANA  

js hold you down freestyle

on 09-11-2014 by JsVocals  

Focus Cover by Myia Monroe

on 20-11-2017 by Myia Monroe  

recognize lee mazin x js clean

on 02-11-2014 by JsVocals  

H.E.R. - Focus cover by DaMarJ

on 10-10-2017 by DaMar J  

rockstar cover

on 28-12-2017 by JsVocals