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JR Writer - #IReallyRap | Review

on 07-12-2017 by topaz yates  

Jr Writer - Grill Em Bass Boost

on 14-07-2012 by Deth666Metal  

I Get Up

on 31-08-2017 by J.R. Writer - Topic  

PhEv jr Writer / Producer

on 22-07-2014 by PhEv Jr.  

Get Em (Dubstep Remix)

on 01-10-2014 by J.R. Writer - Topic  

jr writer 4 the luv freestyle

on 25-01-2013 by JR Writer  


on 04-07-2008 by matbb891  

fake ones ft papoose fred money

on 18-03-2014 by JR Writer  

man down

on 22-01-2014 by JR Writer  

God Only Knows

on 09-11-2014 by JR JR - Topic  

jr writer grill em

on 14-11-2011 by ToLqSs  

So Gone (What My Mind Says) (feat. Paul Wall)

on 06-10-2015 by Jill Scott - Topic  

jr writer yall ain t ready

on 10-03-2011 by cky  

In The Middle

on 09-10-2015 by JR JR - Topic  

James Dean

on 08-11-2014 by JR JR - Topic  

the greatest

on 22-01-2014 by JR Writer  


on 26-09-2015 by JR JR - Topic  

new slaves freestyle ft fred money

on 12-09-2013 by JR Writer  

when i feel like it freestyle

on 14-06-2013 by JR Writer  


on 30-07-2015 by JR JR - Topic