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on 26-05-2017 by Nuclear Blast Records  

blind guardian twilight of the gods

on 05-12-2014 by NuclearBlastRecords  

Blind Guardian - Battlefield

on 18-06-2008 by David Gowar  

blind guardian sacred worlds

on 08-09-2010 by NuclearBlastRecords  

blind guardian a voice in the dark

on 08-09-2010 by NuclearBlastRecords  

Blind Guardian - Valhalla

on 05-03-2007 by Eskimodeth  

blind guardian the bards song

on 11-08-2013 by Eric Caxias  

blind guardian mirror mirror live

on 30-05-2017 by NuclearBlastRecords  

blind guardian the bards song

on 24-11-2011 by Fabricio Abreu 1  

blind guardian valhalla cover

on 07-02-2012 by Nuvija  

Blind Guardian - Mirror Mirror drum cover

on 13-03-2015 by Erlandrummer  

blind guardian hallelujah

on 06-10-2012 by Eric Caxias  

Blind Guardian-Mirror Mirror piano cover

on 04-05-2015 by ROCK THE PIANO  

gydra blind guardian eatbrain020

on 16-10-2015 by EATBRAIN  

blind guardian lord of the ring

on 04-03-2014 by Vitor Tecladista  

Blind Guardian - Bard's Song

on 15-04-2007 by Péter Kaszás  

blind guardian thorn cover

on 07-02-2012 by Nuvija