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on 02-12-2017 by ωʑ ємαทα  

sragen asrie

on 01-12-2014 by Yonomi  

luka disini cover megga asrie

on 25-08-2015 by Megga Asrie Fawziyah  

performance by sufi, asrie and umar.

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sragen asrie

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hatiku masih untukmu by asrie

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Asri - Hatiku masih untukmu

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on 18-09-2015 by Asriel Volando Sin Alas  

Mozart - Requiem - Dies irae - Herreweghe

on 18-07-2012 by margotlorena2  

dmassiv diantara kalian by tyas ft asrie

on 29-03-2014 by tyaswardani  

Undertale - I'm the bad guy

on 04-06-2016 by Crimson King  

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on 04-02-2017 by Asrie Citra Wibowo  

Orchestre Asri - Chaabi 3ayta " LIVE "

on 01-01-2013 by Farouk Hicham  

sounds from thursday afternoon

on 16-05-2013 by Asrie Andriani  

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on 08-12-2017 by sinar harapan  

god always there for ya

on 19-12-2012 by davina azzarya putry  

Frisk dance

on 29-12-2015 by Lindsey Sullivan  

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on 18-05-2015 by Asrie Citra Wibowo  

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Peridot; I'm not a perfect

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olivia wuisan (hatiku masih untukmu, asrie)

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unfaithful cover

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I Swear - All4One cover by Asrie Chen

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on 06-04-2015 by Asrie Citra Wibowo